logofiloinewThe Society “Friends of ASKI” was founded in 2003 and its main goal is to support, financially among others, the Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI) and its activities. To accomplish this goal, the Society will promote the enrichment, usage and publicity of ASKI’s archival collections, the cooperation with other similar institutions in Greece and abroad and the fundraising from the public and private sector, with sole purpose to support the ASKI.

The General Assembly of the members was held on July 1st, 2010. The Board of Directors, elected through secret voting, was the following: Natassa Domnaki, Alekos Zannas, Maria Hliou, Vassiliki Lazou, Theodoros Malikiosis, Nikos Petralias, Miltiadis Polyviou, Katerina Porphyrogeni and Giannis Skalidakis.

The Board of Directors elected Katerina Porphyrogeni, Chairman, Maria Hliou, Vice-Chairman, Nikos Vafeas, General Secretary and Alekos Zannas, Treasurer.



If you wish to become a “Friend of ASKI”:

Those who wish to participate in this effort, are invited to fill in the registration form and send it to the Society “Friends of ASKI”.