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We are proud to announce the launching of the "Makronissos Digital Museum" [English Version]!

From 1947 until 1961 the island of Makronissos was used as a space of confinement and exile for over 40.000 Greek citizens who were discriminated by the anti-communist State for their political beliefs.

The ASKI Digital Museum offers a unique insight in the exile experience illustrating the everyday conditions, the politics of repression, and the traumatic legacies of this important chapter in the lenghty history of state-organized persecution.

The completion of the "Makronissos Digital Museum" [English Version]" was made possible by the generous support of the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung-Office in Athens.


The Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI) is the leading Greek archival institution for the history of political and social movements, with a particular emphasis on the history of the Greek Left. Founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization and located in the center of Athens, ASKI holds the most comprehensive collection of archives relating to Greek social history. ASKI is involved in numerous public history projects and activities (publications, workshops and conferences, radio programs, historical walking tours) that enrich historical awareness and the collective memory of social, political and ethnic groups. →read more

The preservation of printed material, oral testimonies, visual and archival collections is a pivotal activity of ASKI. These collections elucidate the historical trajectory of the Greek Left, the labor movement and progressive politics from the 19th century to the present day. The archival collections are kept at the ASKI repository, which is located in the center of Athens (1 Eleftherias Square), and are accessible to researchers, readers and the general public. The core archival collections (numbering more than 5 million documents) are organized along the following series: →read more